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Eye on the Needle: The Fight to Save an Iconic Egyptian Monument

While scouring the internet for current Egyptology news, I came across a campaign that desperately needs our help.
“Eye on the Needle” is a documentary created by Dr. Paul Harrison, a graduate of University College London, and his team. The video (which is currently in the filming stage) features ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’, an Ancient Egyptian Obelisk that sits on London’s Embankment. The documentary will follow Dr. Harrison as he reveals the history of ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’, recounts how it came to London, and discusses the conditions that are putting the monument in danger. Many modern technologies, such as vehicles, are generating pollution that is causing gradual erosion of the needle, which, over time, is causing the precious hieroglyphs on its face to begin fading.
This film will hopefully spark crucial conversations about conservation and preservation strategies for all Ancient Egyptian obelisks and monuments.
Not convinced? Check out this video by the team:

There are only 12 DAYS left in the campaign, and they are in desperate need of your support! Whether you can give a monetary donation (and receive rewards like a t-shirt, personal tours of the British Museum, and even days on the film set) or simply spread the word on social media, Please take the time to help save this unique and irreplaceable Egyptian Monument.

To support the campaign, check out its campaign page on facebook ‘Eye on the Needle Campaign’, follow on twitter @eyeontheneedle, and support here:

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Anything is possible…I could even go to Egypt!

In the second grade, my elementary school gave us a simple assignment at the end of the year. “Believe that anything is possible. Draw what you would do.” Many of the other students illustrated their dreams of being a fireman, a rock star, an NBA player, or an astronaut. Some drew images of having families, climbing mountains, or sailing the seas as a pirate.

And then there was one; one girl in the back of the classroom, engulfed in a sea of brown and tan colored pencils, with a look of wonder across her face. When the time came to present the drawings, the girl’s hand shot up as the first volunteer. She bolted to the front of the room, composed herself, and presented her pride and joy.


Okay, so clearly I was never destined to be the next Monet; I could barely draw people, let alone the Sphinx. But from the age of seven, I knew that I would forever be dreaming of the valley of the Nile, and that it would always have a hold over my heart.

Fast-forward 14 years and here I am, a soon to be Senior Art History Major, preparing for grad school, and even more in love with Ancient Egypt than that little girl whose depiction of a camel might easily be confused for a monster out of a Sci-Fi novel. Over the years I have read numerous books, seen more History and Discovery Channel specials than I can count, and even owned a mummify-your-own-pharaoh kit (mummy curse included), but I have never truly had the opportunity to convey my love for Egypt, and all it’s quirks and mysteries, to the rest of the world.

Which is where you come in. I’m no expert: I don’t have a Ph.D and I can’t read hieroglyphics (yet!), but my dedication to this field is as strong as those who do. I hope, from these small tastes of the world of Ancient Egypt that I can provide through this blog, you will make a unique connection to a time and a place that I care deeply about.

My “Anything is possible..” drawing now hangs, framed, in my bedroom over my desk, as a constant reminder of my goals, and of the truth that, as an Ancient Egyptian proverb states, “Growth in Consciousness does not depend on the will of the intellect or it’s possibilities, but on the intensity of the inner urge.”

Thank you for following “Stories My Mummy Told Me”. Keep your mind open on the journey and, remember—anything is possible…

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